Sunday, January 10, 2010


Work, class, work, class. The days all run together. I like it this way, though.

Got a 3.98 last semester, pretty disappointed. I had to piss really bad during my human physiology final and I rushed the last few questions. Got a BA instead of an A which drug the other A's down.

VA Medical is still terrible. Went for an eye appointment, found a lobby with 100 people in it the size of my living room; 90 year old WWII vets sitting on the floor like Joes on the back of a deuce and a half is really fucking pathetic. I had a 1500 appointment and they were just getting to the 1000 appointments. The receptionist told me they go home at 1600. I turned around and left. They called me and told me I skipped my appointment, so I can't get another one until I make another GP appointment to get a second referral. I tried to argue that I was, in fact, there and that there was no way I was going to be seen in an hour unless they bumped me in front of a bunch of other people who had been there for 5 hours already. I realized I'd much rather pay out of pocket for glasses than deal with that bullshit so I just hung up the phone.

VA Education is still terrible. Went an entire semester without getting my GI Bill, VA rep at my school called me a few days before Christmas and had me fill out yet another 22-1995 (change of school/change of rate) which I've done on a monthly basis since December 2008. Total backpay due is around $4000 right now, and will increase by another $4000 if it doesn't get fixed by the end of this semester.

I got paid, technically, for my 3 year overdue bonus. I will be getting it all as a tax voucher to use against my 2009 taxes. I'm sure it won't rollover the taxes I have due ($0) and it will just get wasted. My reinforcement for this thought is that it was supposed to come with my W2's on MyPay, but didn't. This is my surprised face.