Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New things

So my updates are few and far between. It's winter and we don't train very much so there's not much to complain about. Our training tempo has also considerably slowed down for the holidays, no 8 day drills during Christmas/New Year's, go figure. I have a wonderful red beard growing out thanks to my Viking heritage.

The G.I. Bill issue got solved. All I had to do was declare a minor that covered every "elective" class I needed. So now I have 4 minors. That seems incredibly bureaucratic but it is the VA after all.

My tuition assistance (FTA) issue from last semester remains open in the amount of $2300. Apparently the two ladies in charge of it at the state level got deployed and the one dude running the shop just ignored all calls/e-mails for the semester since he was so overwhelmed with work. Seems like a reasonable course of action for a Sergeant in the United States Army. The S1 is working with me on the issue. I am not hopeful.

My bonus issue remains at the battalion level. I was recently asked to write-up a report on it to give to the incoming sergeant major. I got excited for a second then realized I was an idiot.

I met a wonderful girl who has been occupying most of my time. I haven't ever felt this way about a woman before and now I sort of regret extending my contract for Afghanistan, but it is what it is.