Friday, November 19, 2010

Post Office WTF's:

So, I bought an extended battery for my phone and it came registered mail from Hong Kong. Save the Buy American shit, I looked forever and couldn't find an American company that made any. Anyways, because it came registered mail, I had to go to the Post Office and pick it up.

Try 1: I go in with my slip. My driver's license address doesn't match the mailing address. Without being told what to do to get my package, I am dismissed as the clerk waves me away with her hand and calls the next customer up.

Try 2: I immediately get back in line and show my military ID with my driver's license. It works with cops, it'll work here, right? At the very least, the lady will tell me what to do to get my fucking box. The clerk sees me at the front of the line again and rolls her eyes, and when I come up and show her my military ID, she tells me I'm acting like this is my first time picking up registered mail. Well, yes, it is. What the fuck do I need to get my box? I need an ID that has the mailing address that matches the mailing address of the package. Ok, so I have to go to the Secretary of State and come back the next day.

Try 3: I go in again, in uniform, this time with my driver's license address matching my current address. It's a new clerk. I figure, one federal employee to another, no problems, right? Wrong, I need TWO pieces of ID that match the mailing address, like the utility bill or a mortgage payment. Jesus fuck. Ok.

Try 4: I come back in with my water bill, and my driver's license. Again, a different clerk who takes the pick-up slip and hands me my box without ever asking to see any proof of ID. Holy dogshit.

Now I see why these fucks are $8.5 billion in the hole. I know I won't be mailing anything through these retards anytime soon. I'd rather pay $3 to drop my envelopes in a FedEx box than give my money to such an incompetent group of rude assholes.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

My letter to my congressional representatives regarding the TSA:

I sent the same letter to both senators from my state. I encourage anyone else appalled at how the TSA is handling airport security to do the same. I'm split 50/50 right now on flying: I would never submit to a full-body scan but on the other hand, I'd love to refuse the scan and opt-out for a full-body pat down in uniform in front of other travelers. I can't think of any bigger embarrassment to the TSA than a uniformed member of the military having his dick groped in front of grandma and the kids.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

It's been a long time...

Since I've felt such an infusion of pride in the Army and what we do. I feel like I did on the first day of Basic Training: that anything was possible. I read War awhile ago, and I recently caught an early showing of Restrepo on the idiot box. It premieres 29NOV2010 on the National Geographic Channel, but is available right now if you have Comcast and if you have On Demand.