Thursday, October 1, 2009

Online GI Bill advance payments? Now we're talking!

It's almost like it's actually supposed to be! Go online and get your GI Bill money. Who woulda thunk it?!

Well played Secretary, well played. We'll call this a wash in exchange for the Stryker Brigade Combat Teams. You still owe us for the fucking black beret though. If you can get it so that we can substitute the black/green fleece beanie with any required wearing of the black beret, we'll be in business.


  1. It's so funny how we're holding everything Shinseki's done hostage for the good stuff. I forgave the berets, but I wasn't thinking about the Stryker BCTs....hmmm...

  2. They replaced an entire elite-as-fuck light infantry division in Northern Iraq with a single Stryker BCT (back in 2004), and within months, the region had gone from relatively-stable to holy-fucking-shit-everything's-gone-motherfucking-haywire-what-the-fuck-happened...