Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Kleos or Nostos

Can I have my $15,000 now? Can the people getting boned on their GI Bill payments get paid? Can the people getting fucked out of their VA health care get treatment and get paid? No? What's this you say though? There's a sale at the furniture store and Applebee's has free dinner! Let's call it even then.

It's amazing how many "friends" crawled out of the woodwork today to go to dinner at Applebee's or Texas Roadhouse. Hanging out with a vet is only worth it if free chicken fingers are involved, I guess. Welp, since I'm an uneducated low-income retard I better get off the magic internet box and get back to pulling myself up by my boot straps.


  1. On my buddy's Facebook page, he mentioned they had free bloomin onions at Outback if you brought a DD214 or something. Like some pizzafaced teenager busing tables is going to know what a real DD214 looks liks.

  2. It is just not your generation of vets that are getting screwed by the VA. We are helping my father-in-law get some disability money from the VA now that he is staying in an assisted living place. It is insane how much information they want and they seem to request the same information multiple times.

  3. Go Joe, you won our contest, send me your address if you would like the freebee!