Tuesday, December 14, 2010

G.I. bill horseshit

So I just received the most wonderful e-mail that a few of my classes for next semester will not be paid for by my GI Bill because they are not in my major. I replied that they are pre-requisites to apply for PA School after I finish my undergrad. Pre-reqs for post-grad work can only be taken the last semester of school, which is impossible, because my last semester is an 800 hour Internship mandated by my department in the field I plan to work in. It will be physically impossible to take 16 credits alongside it, and also there is a firm rule that you cannot take other classes or work another job during the internship. The VA rep is working the issue, but it doesn't look good. What a stupid fucking system. It's not like I'm trying to take underwater basket weaving or something, it's Microbiology, Advanced Biochemistry and Particle Physics. I'm definitely not looking forward to shelling out ~$3000 for these classes.


  1. Wait... what? I didn't know the GI bill could freakin deny like that.

  2. Any updates? I graduate in June. I have a winter quarter, then spring quarter. In the spring, I only need to take 1 class, but because I need the money, I'm going to take some extra classes. My counselor said they'll okay it if you're in the last semester/quarter before graduation...

    hope it works out for you, bro.

  3. It happened to me too and my VA Rep just added a major/minor to include those classes not covered. :)

  4. That sucks! They sent my money to the wrong school this quarter, then said I had to go up the chain of command to get my tuition money. What the heck does that mean? Anyway hope you got it figured out.