Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Things that I love:

I love that the VA is so fucked up and behind on the G.I. Bill, again, for the second year in a row.

I love whoever is in charge of our drill schedule that thinks the best thing to do before a year long deployment is to spend 4-7 days a month away from my family and job/school, especially when drills are only two weeks apart now.

I love being intelligent, hard-working, and perfectly capable of taking exams/quizzes/homework/labs weeks or months in advance in an attempt to combat said drill schedule, but being told no anyways.

I love that nerdy Bill Gates-esque professors and Femme-Dyke lab instructors who have never done anything in their life but hang out at college can destroy my academic career.

I love that if I was on the football or basketball team, these same teachers would be all over my cock to work around my schedule and accommodate me in making-up whatever I needed to whenever I wanted to.

I love that the government cares so little about the men and women who serve it that there is absolutely no law or requirement that prevents professors from doing this. The VA rep is powerless except to give me a post-it with the Ombudsman's phone number on it.

I love when I see people staying up all night and crying over the stress of an exam the next day in the library.

I love testing so well that I ruin the curve for classes, forcing professors to rework their grading scale to prevent people who were going to pass from failing.

I love often being the oldest student in the class, the most experienced, and the only one with a job.

I love knowing that when these coddled infants graduate, their complete lack of life experience and hands-on knowledge will make their applications to post-professional schools and jobs fall flat when put up against applications from people like me and other service members.

In the end though, I am reminded of LTC White's words: this is the life that I chose. Events like these made me glad I joined the Army. Without the Army, I would still be a fat, spineless child that would roll over on issues like this. I signed my DESP contract last month at AT, extending my ETS beyond our deployment so that I can deploy with my company. I am excited for Afghanistan and the challenge it will bring. It feels like I will be going home, where I belong, away from all this dumb college and work bullshit, full of uncompassionate backstabbers who have never worked a hard day in their life.


  1. As a teaching instructor, I have to say that I love my (one) Iraq vet, who always has something to add to the discussion, who always pays attention (despite sitting at the back of class and having partial hearing loss), and who's always willing to take responsibility in discussions, in group work, for random stuff (he's my class fire marshal!). He's not my strongest student, but he's one of my favorite students, because he's got the confidence to speak up and ask questions.

    As new veterans come into the system, I think (hope?) that instructors and professors will start to realize the value that veterans bring to the classroom. Until then . . . I'm sorry your profs are being shits, Joe. Wish you could be in my class. :)

  2. Well shit, you're going back?

    Hey, if nothing else, you can make a grand gesture before you board that plane and personally look each prof that gives a hard time right in the eye and tell them to go fuck themselves. It might not help your academic career but it might feel really, REALLY good to do. Just sayin'.

    By the way, I think you know my email. You need anything, gimme a holler and I'll throw a mighty wicked care package downrange to ya.

  3. Congrats Joe.
    I am planing on using my VA college benefits on my daughter. Personally, I already know too much so it would be wasted on me.

    When you are older and even more experienced, you will have many more stories of govt incompetence and malfeasance.

    Good luck downrange. Get the job done and bring your men home.

  4. Thank you and God bless you.

  5. Thank You for Your Service, Come Home Safe! {{{Hugs}}}

  6. safe travels and sending prayers for your deployment. I'm in the habit of sending care packages to some folks already out there, so let us know if y'all need/want anything!